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  Téma: decentralized exchanges

Odpovědi: 0
Shlédnuto: 29

PříspěvekFórum: Servis   Zaslal: so 25. únor, 2023 18:30   Předmět: decentralized exchanges
Many people are interested in decentralized exchanges, but do not have enough information about it, so today I advise you to read about mexc exchange ranking. I hope you will be interested. https://ce ...
  Téma: crypto wallets info

Odpovědi: 0
Shlédnuto: 70

PříspěvekFórum: Office   Zaslal: ne 05. únor, 2023 20:31   Předmět: crypto wallets info
After I decided to start using cryptocurrency, I found out that I need to choose a crypto wallet for myself, and among the information about such services, I found an article about ledger nano s plus, ...
  Téma: Financial technologies

Odpovědi: 0
Shlédnuto: 66

PříspěvekFórum: Servis   Zaslal: út 17. leden, 2023 21:12   Předmět: Financial technologies
Financial technologies are gradually changing their structure, partly a large amount of information is being converted into a digital form, not excluding accounting data. The article about web3 ledger ...
  Téma: Testing of protection

Odpovědi: 0
Shlédnuto: 35

PříspěvekFórum: Servis   Zaslal: čt 12. leden, 2023 14:21   Předmět: Testing of protection
The other day I was surfing the web and found a great blog about smart contract audit companies. These experts check the protection of projects and give them a security rating so that we know which pr ...
  Téma: For cryptocurrency users

Odpovědi: 0
Shlédnuto: 100

PříspěvekFórum: Servis   Zaslal: čt 10. listopad, 2022 22:15   Předmět: For cryptocurrency users
To use cryptocurrency, it is important to know its main characteristics. Here, for example, I found a satatya about Algorand pros and cons, it contains detailed information about this project. I advis ...
  Téma: crypto projects

Odpovědi: 2
Shlédnuto: 157

PříspěvekFórum: Servis   Zaslal: út 25. říjen, 2022 19:33   Předmět: crypto projects
The other day I was looking for crypto projects with new security methods and came across an article about [url=https://suismartcontract.com/what-is-sui-blockchain/]what is sui blockchain, which just ...
  Téma: NFT discussion

Odpovědi: 1
Shlédnuto: 125

PříspěvekFórum: Servis   Zaslal: pá 07. říjen, 2022 15:47   Předmět: NFT discussion
[url=https://thenftwtf.com/nft-smart-contract/]Nft smart contracts today have become popular among people with a non-technical mind, as people who have been doing art all their lives need the knowledg ...
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