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O všem, co souvisí s Windows Mobile
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Because it is absurd bullshit intended to placate dumb

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Registrace: 16.1. 2020
Příspěvky: 12

PříspěvekZaslal: čt 03. prosinec, 2020 4:01    Předmět: Because it is absurd bullshit intended to placate dumb Citovat

Because it is absurd bullshit intended to placate dumb white people who are easily vulnerable to Mut 21 coins this kind of marketing strategy. This marketing strategy where companies express commitments to fight injustice whilst avoiding specifics regarding what precisely is wrong, what should change, and exactly what they're going to do about it. Every single fucking firm does this and it is empty rhetoric. That's not worthy of applause. They do not offer one fuck. This is the same EA that censored the word"Kaepernick" from a song in numerous games now in a bid to avoid offending their delicate white player base. So no I am not going to be glad that a company like EA does nothing and expects praise for doing nothing. Individuals catching that and calling out it is not nihilism. It is realism. What does saying something achieve?

Don't give corporations brownie points for doing the easiest thing. This is corporate slacktivism, all sound no action. Donations, crying out to resources people can use or donate to themselves, doing something with any material more than saying"shouts out to oppressed minorities, we will wait to promote to you until you've got some attention to spare?" Or, the best case situation, just announcing a delay without linking it into something wholly unrelated to them except for its impact in their reveal. It's not, until they wish to feign reevaluate their marketing plan is an act of solidarity. Solidarity simply means that they agree with their origin, and there is nothing that suggest they do not. Yes, there's, the fact that they have done nothing to benefit anyone but themselves. They just delay it without asserting that delaying an advertisement is somehow"in solidarity" with current protests. Don't be a fool that believes there's any burden whatsoever to a corporate entity"taking a negative" by delaying marketing materials. It is a totally pointless, neutral thing and EA deserves no credit for this.

That's a great point, I hadn't considered it like that. I believe I agree with you this is overall a good thing even if it's also great for the company. I do you wish to support the reason but what exactly does that have to do with football? It brings attention to the issue and keeps it on the issue instead of letting a distraction from it via their match. And the whole response to it in in and outside the league when he was performing which are directly related to cheap Madden 21 coins both the issue and soccer. NFL players are protesting police brutality throughout games for many years now. Thinking about the game includes the likeness of many of those characters it isn't surprising that EA might do this.
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