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Popcorn Ceilings Removal Cost

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Popcorn Ceilings Removal Cost

  • Typical Range: $898 to $2,847
  • National Average: $1,853

Popcorn ceilings have been all of the rage withinside the Nineteen Seventies and 1980s—all people desired them. Many contained sparkly bits that accentuated the boho decor of the time, like animal print rugs, rattan furniture, and striking macramé tables. However, the popcorn ceiling fashion became incredibly short-lived, having fallen out of style through the Nineties because of a few great troubles supplied through the ceiling texture.
Today, popcorn ceilings are considered as drab, dated, and undesirable. Popcorn ceiling elimination cost—while tackled through a professional—stages from around $898 to $2,847, relying at the quantity of rooms, rectangular footage, and some different factors. Most owners can pay approximately $1,853 for the project.
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What Is a Popcorn Ceiling?
Also called “acoustical ceilings” due to the fact the thick texture of the product absorbs sound waves, popcorn ceilings resemble huge curds of cottage cheese. Builders carried out the floor with a hopper and a twig gun, making it a brief repair for camouflaging ceiling panels.
When new and fresh, popcorn ceilings have been appealing, and that they gave the whole room a contemporary-day appearance. Best of all, the feel concealed bad workmanship, inclusive of an incapability to hold drywall panels flippantly or end them with a easily taped floor. Before the appearance of popcorn texture, developers wanted a person on their group who knew a way to tape out ceiling panels skillfully to preserve the seams among the panels from showing.
Why have to I don't forget popcorn ceiling elimination?
With their dated appearance, popcorn ceilings aren't considered as a suitable function through ability buyers. Visually, they aren’t appealing, and that they serve no actual purpose (until your builder became hiding flaws withinside the ceiling end). Also, because of being enormously texturized, popcorn ceilings are hard to easy. Dust and cobwebs can fast appear, making it hard to preserve your house glowing easy at the same time as it's far at the market. Removing your popcorn ceiling may want to make your house extra appealing to ability buyers, growing the quantity of gives and elevating the promoting price.
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What Affects Popcorn Ceiling Removal?
Popcorn ceiling elimination offers your room a cleaner, brighter, and extra contemporary-day appearance. Stucco ceilings are tough to easy so dust and discolouration makes your ceiling and room appearance antique and dingy. The puckering compound is likewise vulnerable to cracking or breaking off over time. If you need to update an area, it's far not likely that you'll in shape the present popcorn layout so the blotchy, appearance in addition takes farfar from the cultured appearance of your room.
However, the prices of putting off a popcorn ceiling may be extra than a few owners need to spend. Labour is a first-rate a part of the price. If your ceiling desires to be repaired, that would additionally upload to the popcorn ceiling elimination prices.
Pros and Cons of Covering Popcorn
Many owners discover that this form of ceiling texture seems thick and heavy. This average look could make a area or domestic appearance dated and in determined want of an update. Most owners these days are seeking out a smoother and much less heavy look for his or her ceilings. In general, clean or swirled ceilings provide off a miles extra contemporary-day vibe to a domestic.
Let’s take a minute to speak about one poor factor of popcorn ceilings that affects restore and upkeep. Popcorn ceilings make colour matching and maintenance to stains very hard. In the case of water or structural damage, a ceiling will want to be scraped and resprayed to in shape the popcorn appearance of the relaxation of the ceiling. This is less difficult stated than done. Many owners dealing with maintenance want to scrape the whole ceiling and use the maintenance as a time to update an old popcorn ceiling instead of patch current areas.
The backside line is that ceilings are a count number of taste. If you presently have popcorn ceilings and haven't any current issues you could need to anticipate replacement. If your ceilings, however, want painting, have blemishes that want restore, then now can be the time to don't forget ceiling texture changes. Talk to our paint professionals these days approximately a way to refresh your ceiling with paint and what to do approximately your textured ceilings.
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