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Peyton Manning Broncos Jersey

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When you are learning to play golf Demarcus Walker Broncos Jersey , a tip you will often hear is to keep your head still. Some instructors and well-meaning coaches will say it to you at leasst 50 times per round, especially when it comes to perfecting the your backswing.

Surprisingly, the best golf backswing tip is to move your head three to five inches as you start the backswing.

It sounds counter intuitive and even feels abit unnatural. But think of a ballerina or figure skater going into a spin. They always move their head first to set up and create a proper two-point axis. A proper circular motion requires two axis points. A top and a bottom. And when you set up to execute a golf backswing your head becomes the top axis and your legs and feet become the bottom axis.

This means that on the way back your head should be moving 3 - 5 inches to the right in order to create your first axis to swing around - the foundation of a good golf backswing technique. Your head will stay there as you come down and fall even further back through impact. Then, after the ball has been hit, your head will move forward over top of the left leg to create a second axis, and this second axis will allow you to complete the circular rotation in your golf back swing allowing you to finish your swing.

Your head should float, not stay stationary. Your head should float like the top axis of a spinning top. This allows your golf backswing be a circular motion, though not a perfect circle. It's slight egg-shaped oval. Which is why you will never hit the ball with 100% *cenzura* each and every time.

Only a one-legged golfer will naturally keep their head still during a golf backswing. The reason is if you only had one leg you would only have two beginning axis points... your head and one leg. So if you moved your head Garett Bolles Broncos Jersey , ever so slightly, you would effectively elimate the axis completely and, ultimately, lose all the power in your swing.

Because moving your head at the beginning of a golf backswing is so counter-intuitive, here's a couple of golf backswing tips you can use while practicing. At first, moving your head will feel confortable but these golf backswing practice techniques should help you work through the challenges.

One way to get past this is to consciously consider moving your head about 12 inches when you start your backswing. Think 12 inches and your head will naturally move five to six inches. Still uncomfortable? Try practicing your golf backswing in front of a mirror.

As your swing comes down, your head should stay back and you'll feel the power loading on your right leg. This is what you are striving for. This weight shift is your clue you have properly created the top axis needed. If you don't feel your weight shift into our right leg, this is a clue you need to move your head back more when you start the backswing. Think more Derek Wolfe Broncos Jersey , not less and you'll soon be hitting like a pro.

If you are wearing a hat when you play golf just take your backswing and look to see if the brim of the hat is level to the ground not tilted to the left. If the brim of the hat is level to the ground at the top of your backswing your head will have moved the proper amount.

As a final check just ask a friend to watch your head to see if it moves back a few inches or use a video camera to see for yourself. If your head is too still then constantly remind yourself to move it back or have someone constantly remind you to move your head.

There is one caveat, however. When you move your head to the right this may cause you to hit behind the ball. This is a good clue you are moving your head back properly but what's happening is you are loading your leg too much during impact. To remedy this situation just shift a little more weight off your right leg as you complete your swing and follow through. Pull it off and you'll not only create the perfect golf backswing axis, you'll hit the ball on the sweet spot every time and with much more power and speed off the face than ever before.
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About the author: Get more Paul Wilson, a Broadmore Golf Academy Instructor, golf swing tips at MyGolfProShop.

Click here for other unique golf backswing articles.

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